January 18

January 15-19

I hope everyone enjoyed their 5-day weekend courtesy of the weather!

The students are working on polishing up their essays from last week and getting feedback from pegwriting.com.

Pre-AP students will not have an article this week since we only have two days. (You’re welcome).

January 4


JAN. 4-12

I hope everyone  had a fun and restful break and avoided the nasty flu!

Returning to work on a Thursday is a first for me, but I think I like it! It is Friday eve, after all! 😉

Today, students are working on Greek & Latin Roots. They are working in groups to brainstorm as many words as they can come up with for plur, multi / poly, and mega, then sharing out and “stealing” any words they left out. It’s a fun way to keep them engaged and learning!

Tomorrow (Friday), students will be going to the library to learn how to put their novels and NaNoWriMo badges on their blogs.

Next week, students will be writing another expository essay!

December 14

Semester Exam Review Key

Hey, guys! I hope everyone is enjoying their day off!

I am about to put the key for the semester exam review in Google Classroom since we were unable to go over it in class due to the unexpected (but appreciated) school closing.

Stay well, everyone!

December 4

December 1-20

The students did such a great job with the NaNoWriMo project during the month of November! Almost ALL students met their word count goals!

During the month of December, we will work on editing those novels and publishing them to students’ blogs. We are also working on a student novel showcase – more details to come!


November 9

Week 12-14

Students are working on their novels for NaNoWriMo all of November! (We will edit in December). There are certain pages in the workbook that are required to be completed in order for students to “level up” and earn privileges such as sitting anywhere they want while they work, listening to music, or bringing a snack or comfort item. I am also getting grades for those assignments.

It is extremely IMPORTANT that students continue to work on their novels over Thanksgiving break in order to reach the word count goal they set for themselves by November 30!

Resources can be found on the NaNoWriMo site (ywp.nanowrimo.org) as well as on Google Classroom.

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October 31

Week 11

It’s launch week for NaNoWriMo (National Novel Writing Month)!

Each child needs a 1″ 3-ring binder to keep their materials in. (Free homework passes to those who bring one this week)! A letter with details was sent home last Friday.

We will visit the library for a lesson on “What’s a novel anyway?” Writing begins November 1st!



October 24

Week 10

This week, students are working on vocabulary in writing class that goes with the novels they are enjoying in reading class. They will also do a little revising with The Lazy Editor from SCOPE Magazine.

Later in the week, students will practice showing instead of telling as we approach the launch of NaNoWriMo Young Writer’s Program!

We will end the week with writing stations!

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October 16

Week 9

The first nine weeks is coming to a close – hard to believe! This Friday is a holiday for students. Enjoy!

Students will be working on personal narratives this week. We will begin by breaking down the rubric and noting key differences in how each score is obtained. We will look at a new prompt on Tuesday and do some revising and editing practice later in the week.

*No article of the week for pre-AP students due to the short week. You deserve a break! I’ve enjoyed reading your responses!


Next week, pre-AP students will take test 2 over their SAT vocabulary words.

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October 9

Week 8

This week, students will be working on Greek & Latin Roots, reviewing subordinating conjunctions and using them in their writing, typing essays, reading for mentor sentences, and doing some revising & editing passages.

October 2

Week 7

Wednesday is a half day for students!

This week in writing class, students are typing their essays from last week into PEG Writing, a wonderful tool that gives instant feedback! They will also brainstorm and quick write a new prompt which we will use to practice some new introduction and elaboration techniques.

Pre-AP students are continuing to expand their SAT vocabulary as well as responding to a new article of the week.